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Office Rugs

Transform your home office into a stylish and functional workspace with an office area rug from FLOR. Designed to elevate your productivity and comfort, FLOR office rugs are made up of durable and sustainable carpet tiles. Browse our selection of modern and classic office area rugs.
14 Products Found 14 Results
To A Tea
$30.00 per tile
Tivoli Touch
$30.00 per Tile
Finer Things
$20.00 per tile
Twisted Spokes
$17.00 - $22.00 per tile
Off The Record
$20.00 per tile
Rush Street
$15.00 per tile
To Dye For
$26.00 per Tile
Full Kilt
$25.99 - $27.00 per tile
Chenille Charade
$15.99 per tile
Hello Dottie
$22.99 per tile
Into The Mystic
$312.00 - $1,092.00 per rug
$273.00 - $882.00 per rug
$21.99 per tile
Beck And Call
$24.00 per tile


Revitalize Your Personal Workspace With Our Home Office Rugs

Creating a stylish and professional ambiance in your home office is effortless with our selection of durable and sustainable office area rugs. Whether your office is small, large, or awkwardly shaped, FLOR’s convenient carpet tile system makes sizing a breeze. Even better, FLOR office rugs are easy to clean. There’s no need to remove the whole rug. Simply remove any soiled tiles, wash, and replace when dry.

FLOR also makes it convenient to reduce waste with our Return & Recycle program. Just send us your old carpet tiles using the provided return labels or pre-labeled recycle bags, and we'll give them new life as brand new carpet tiles.

Still deciding which FLOR area rug is the best fit for your design and lifestyle needs?