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The original FLORdots and the revolutionary new FLORdots+ help bring the FLOR designs of your dreams to life — and put them into place. Regardless of which FLOR style you own, these innovative rug adhesives are intentionally designed to stick to the bottom of the carpet tiles, not your floor. Created with versatility in mind and designed to work with your unique lifestyle, FLORdots and FLORdots+ make rearranging carpet tiles easy.
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2 Products Found 2 Results

2 Products Found 2 Results

Extra FLORDots (Set of 12)
Extra FLORDots+ (Set of 12)


Make Your Style Stick

Whether you’re replacing your FLOR rug, reinstalling your carpet tiles, or just wanting to be prepared with backups, FLORdots and FLORdots+ are essential to your personal FLOR design journey. So what’s the difference? FLORdots+ rug adhesives work exclusively with the Industrious Style and Carbon Negative Collection, including Hemisphere, Stratosphere, and Peninsula. 

  • Check out all of our Carbon Negative Collection for rugs that give back to the planet
  • Ground your space with the Hemisphere carpet tiles that mimic the Earth’s layers
  • Inspired by the atmosphere, make your space feel light and breezy with our Stratosphere pattern
  • Evoke the feeling of relaxation with the muted colors of our Peninsula style.
  • Built for durability, our Industrious rugs can withstand high-traffic and high impact.  


Original FLORdot tile stickers work with all other FLOR carpet tile styles. Looking for inspiration? Check out some of the trending designs from FLOR below.  

  • Mix modern and vintage in a pastel-heavy palette with our Chic Pastiche collection. 
  • A little goes a long way with our minimalist yet elevated tiles in our Less is More collection. 
  • Bring a touch of the outdoors, indoors with the Botanical Bliss curated carpet tiles.